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Greedy Snobs

 Greed: (noun): an excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.

You know what WE want, WE want to be spoiled.  
Greedy Women have been taming men and keeping them as pets
 since the dawn of time.  We want all of your assets and, even then, we'll never be satisfied.  
We know what you crave, what you hunger for, 
what keeps you up at night... 
You desire a strong, controlling woman who taunts, tricks, and teases you into giving her everything you've got.  Her beautiful hands digging so deeply into your pockets...molesting your wallet.
Speak to the woman of your dreams.  
Call a Greedy Snob live and find out how sexy and exciting your life can become in one encounter!
Shy boys are encouraged to purge our wishlists, send tributes,  and collect items such as tasks, clips, and photos from our Snobby Boutique.  Need something naughtier? 
Take a peek at our After Hours Boutique
Remember, greed is best when fed regularly!
Greedy Snobs desire the finer things in life & men desire Greedy Snobs! is an exclusive, online country club where dominant women exploit their admirers. We are a unique, invitation only social network site customized with innovative features and an intimate, luxurious design. Our admirers include male & female submissives, slaves, sugar daddies, and those who simply derive pleasure in worshiping and spoiling the finer sex.  
Any Questions? Read the FAQ! Do you think you have what it takes? 
Contact us for an invitation to RSVP to our snobby retreat!
Jul 23 '13
Treat Greedy Women To Luxe LingerieWhat lady doesn’t love lingerie?  What man doesn’t want to admire her in it?
  More importantly,…View Post

Treat Greedy Women To Luxe Lingerie

What lady doesn’t love lingerie?  What man doesn’t want to admire her in it?

  More importantly,…

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